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Friday, February 19

Contributed by Paulo Pereira Jr.

Daniel 9:15-25a

“Lord our God […] who made for yourself a name that endures to this day”

An umbrella and TV remote control are two things that have a short life span
in our home. With young children playing and running around the house, what
seemed to be a strong hard plastic has shown itself to be frail and flimsy.
Lately, I have noticed something else that seems to have little permanence –
the news of our everyday lives. In a 24-hour news cycle world, it is easy to
see how our ordinary, everyday lives have little lasting influence, even the
stories that populate the human heart and bring meaning to life. I find it
difficult to find news that lasts even for today, while even more difficult to find
enduring stories that are good, perfect and acceptable.
In today's biblical passage the prophet Daniel prays to God, and in confessing
his sins, Daniel exalts God by highlighting the way his name is made known
throughout the ages. During the prayer, the angel appeared and revealed the
coming of the Anointed One.
It is so beautiful how God hears, forgives, and continuously comes toward us.
In times when news seems ephemeral with not many reasons for optimism, I
am grateful for God because he made himself a name that endures forever.
The poet Rubem Alves states: "Optimism is when, being spring on the
outside, spring is born on the inside. Hope is when, being absolutely dry on
the outside, the sources continue to bubble inside the heart.”

Dear God, we praise you, for your name is known also today, filling us with
hope. Amen.

Paulo Pereira Jr. is married to Mariana, father of Catarina, Estêvão and the baby arriving
soon. A Presbyterian minister from Brazil, Paulo is doing his Th.M. in Mission Theology at the
Vancouver School of Theology. Paulo is glad to be part of the beautiful SAH community.