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Saturday, February 20

Contributed by Patricia St. James Smith

Matthew 9:2-13

“It is not those who are healthy who need a physician but those who are
sick… I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners.”

As I sit here contemplating this scripture passage with my “to-do” list piling up,
I’m thankfully reminded of God’s sovereignty through God’s Son, Jesus Christ.
At this moment, I’m paralyzed with fear. Will I meet those deadlines looming
ahead of me? Will I succeed in all I have to do?
I need to bring these questions to Jesus, the healer and miracle worker. Jesus
tells us he was given the authority and power to heal and forgive sins. He
came for those who need him. I’m one of those people. I don’t need to fret
because I’m forgiven for not being perfect and healed, in that order, as his
peace washes over me.
Jesus calls us to follow him, not because we deserve it or are better than
anyone else, but because he’ll transform us into someone he can work with.
We can leave all our worries behind because Jesus will take care of them to
free us up to be able to serve others. He won’t let us fail when we’re doing his
work. We must have faith that Jesus is with us and for us. When we are
tempted to give up and stay on our mats, Jesus tells us to get up and keep
going. He gives us renewed energy to keep moving forward.
Our self-righteousness serves as a brick wall. Jesus gives us peace and the
confidence that everything is under control. Is there anyone that we can think
of that needs these comforting words today? Who can we share the good
news of forgiveness and healing with?

Sovereign Lord, thank you that you came to save us by your power and
authority. You have removed our sins and healed us so we can give you the
glory and then focus our attention on helping others. Amen.

Patricia St. James Smith is a first-year student at VST working on her M.Div. She lives in the
Garden of Eden in Nova Scotia and wears many hats including pulpit supply at a nearby
Presbyterian Church as well as a part-time clinical dietitian in a long-term care facility