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Friday, February 26

Contributed by Jacqueline Cleland

Romans 4:1-12

“Blessed are those whose transgressions are forgiven;
whose sins are covered. Blessed is the one whose sin the Lord
will never count against them.”

Zoroastrianism has a common thread where the ideal goal was good thoughts
leading to good words leading finally to good deeds, which leads to a good
Aristotle says a good character is a virtue where you can choose one path of
action to lead to a good life.
There are countless examples of how humanity has to be saved by their good
works and choices. It gives us a logical reason and standards we can
measures others against for success. Even when looking back at Paul's
discussion of Abraham, we discuss justification by works.
Yet, that is not what saved Abraham. Salvation arose out of a covenant of
love. God chose to save Abraham. Abraham failed to trust God always; he
was an idolator. We fail to trust God always because the world clouds our
vision around us. We worship ourselves.
Yet, God has already saved us.
We know that an end is coming to each season of life, and we do not need to
be afraid. Yet, we can become complacent when it comes to our response to
God’s salvation. Today is our summons to follow in the steps of Abraham,
who journeyed, faltered, and failed. Surely we too want to try and make the
world better for our descendants. Not to earn Salvation, but to share the same
love and forgiveness with others that God shared with us. As Tauren Wells
sings, “love is an action. Never for gain or to avoid pain, simply because it is
the right thing to do.”

Creator and Redeemer, thank you so much that you have seen our faulty
achievements and covered them with love to permit us to grow. For you do
not condemn unjustly, but by your grace ask us to act justly in love. Amen.

Jacqueline Cleland is a Presbyterian Master of Divinity student at VST/SAH. She is currently working
on her Sauder Business Certificate in leadership Excellence, the Centre for Missional
Leadership Certificate in Missional Leadership, and her indoor jungle.