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Third Sunday of Lent, March 7

Contributed by Tim Dickau

John 2:13-22

“Jesus answered them,
‘Destroy this temple, and I will raise it again in three days.”

On January 6th, 2021, a group of people caused a major disturbance when
they stormed Capitol Hill, upset tables and furniture, and called out officials in
the Capitol Building, one of the actual and symbolic seats of government,
power and authority in the United States.
This passage from John 2 describes a time when Jesus also marched onto a
hill in Jerusalem and caused a disturbance when he upset tables and called
out officials in Jerusalem’s actual and symbolic seat of government, power,
and authority.
Beyond the surface similarities of these two events, the meaning of these two
incidents could not be more different. Comparing them can help us
understand the purpose and importance of Jesus’ actions for our mission and
lives today. While the group marching on Capitol Hill violently crashed
through doors at the behest of a leader who was clinging to power, Jesus was
prophetically and lovingly warning the temple establishment that God was
moving houses and giving them the opportunity to join in God’s resurrection
and restoration project.
While the mob on Capitol Hill risked the lives of others causing death and
damage in their violent acts, Jesus took his prophetic actions in the temple at
the risk of his own life for the good of his people – indeed for the good and
recovery of the whole creation.
As we contemplate our own call to prophetically bear witness to the loving
presence and restorative purposes of God in our day, let us remember that
this is always a call to the pathways of truth and love. And do not be surprised
if this way of truth and love will at times be costly.

Jesus, lead me to follow you in the way of truth and love this Lenten season,
even when that path is costly to me. Amen.

Tim Dickau pastored Grandview Church for three decades and today is the CML Associate
leading our Missional Certificate Program as well as Executive Director of City Gate Forum.