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Tuesday, March 9

Contributed by Andrew Campbell

2 Chronicles 29:1-11, 16-19

“The Priests went into the sanctuary of the Lord to purify it. They brought out
to the courtyard of the Lord’s temple everything unclean that they found in the
temple of the Lord.”

My wife jokes that my favourite cleaning tool is the garbage bag! Sometimes,
we have to remove the junk to really see what we are dealing with.
On the first day of the first month of his reign, King Hezekiah set out to having
the temple of the Lord cleaned and purified.
The structure mirrored God’s people. They were a mess on the inside!
This wasn’t just a mere sweep, dust and polish job, either. It took the priests
and Levites eight days to gut the temple, and another eight days to
consecrate the temple for God’s glory. This was a “Spring Cleaning,” of epic
Similarly, as God’s people, we need more than just a touch up ourselves. Sin
leaves us a mess on the inside. It takes some heavy lifting and a few days to
clean out. Three days, (from Good Friday to Easter Sunday) to be precise!
The Lenten season invites us to look deep within, take account of where we
find ourselves, and begin that work of cleaning out our lives. To make room,
so that we might grow to become more Christ-like. Jesus meets confessing
and repenting hearts with his grace, forgiveness and love.
The Good News that Jesus promises doesn’t leave us gutted and empty;
rather Jesus cleans us out and fills us up with his own Spirit, which is Holy!
The same spirit which raised Christ in resurrection fills us and sends us out to
proclaim Christ, and him risen!

Lord Jesus, as we confess the things of our lives that are not of you, may we
encounter your love for us as we seek to live grace-infused and Spirit-filled
lives. Amen.

Rev. Andrew Campbell is a SAH/VST grad and the husband to Candace, father to Addison
and Noah. He is Minister at St. James Presbyterian Church in Truro, NS.