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Thursday, March 11

Contributed by Victor Ling

Genesis 9: 8-17

“I will remember my covenant between me and you….”

God had decided to wipe out humanity due to their wickedness and to start
over with Noah and his family. By faith and in obedience to God’s
instructions, Noah built an ark to survive the up-coming calamity… a horrific
40-day storm and the subsequent flood.
Being voluntarily confined in my home for the past 9 months due to the
COVID-19 pandemic helped me to imagine how Noah might have felt after
being confined in the ark for a year. As Noah emerged, he expected to find a
dismal wasteland knowing that the world he once knew, his neighbourhood,
his friends and relatives would all be gone.
Instead, he was greeted with a breathtaking rainbow made by the sun, shining
through millions of tiny prisms, of rain droplets, refracting the sun’s light into a
spectrum of colours. Noah’s spirit was lifted and was reassured of God’s
providence. He went forth with hope! What a wonderful feeling it must have
been to emerge from the dark dungeon of the ark into this amazing visual
This image gives us assurance that our infinitely creative and proactive God,
the one who has paid attention to creating the rainbow, cares for us. He can
be trusted and will keep His promises. No matter what dark places we find
ourselves in, we can depend on Him to call us to emerge into his wonderful
light. He is a God who does not give up on us, who gives us second chances,
again and again.

Lord make us your prisms so your light can shine through us to take away the
breath of the world. Amen

Victor Ling is a SAH Board member, a cancer scientist who loves to find creativity in
unexpected places.