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Saturday March 13

Contributed by Chanil Lee

Numbers 20: 22-29

“But Aaron shall be gathered to his people”

Despite being very young, I vividly remember touching my grandfather’s body
at his funeral. His hands were cold, and his face was pale. Looking at the
lifeless face of my grandfather, I became lost in my own thoughts. One
thought that lingered in my head was the realization that “there is no beautiful
Aaron is dead. Like all deaths in the world, his death was not beautiful. The
death of Aaron, which was in front of the Promised Land, was even pitiful.
However, I don’t mean this with a negative connotation and rather think the
contrary. There are many reasons why I think this way, but the most
prominent is the fact that Aaron goes to a place to be gathered to his people.
This world is filled with sorrow, despair, pain and sadness, but no such thing
exists when Aaron reunites with his ancestors and God. What awaits him is
everlasting hope and joy.
In Korea, a pastor not only forgave the killer of his two sons but adopted him
as his own. As his sons were preparing to go to the U.S, they were killed by a
man. However, the pastor decided to forgive the killer. The pastor understood
that the killer was brainwashed by his organization. So, he forgave him.
Following his forgiveness, he prayed to God saying, “God, thank you for
letting my children go to a better land than America.”

Dear Lord, help us to pray and trust that we will see the beauty you have
prepared after death, something more amazing than we could ever
experience in this world. Amen.

Chanil Lee is an Alum at SAH/VST, serving Disciples Korean Methodist Church and
Vancouver Taiwanese Church as a Youth Pastor.