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Fourth Sunday of Lent, March 14

Contributed by Lydia Bae

John 3: 14-21

“Light has come into the world.”

There is a beautiful ravine in my backyard that runs along a woodland of
enormously tall evergreen trees. When I gaze outside my window, I feel so
peaceful and calm. The only problem with having a magnificent forest
surrounding my house, is that it often blocks sunlight from shining in through
the windows. However, occasionally when the sun finds its way through the
branches, the bright rays of light pierce through the curtain of trees and fills up
my living room. The light is so strong and direct that it reveals everything dirty
- dust in the air and on the tables, silky spider webs stretched across the
ceiling, strands of hair on the floor and flying cat fur.
Jesus came as the Light. The Light is so forceful and bright that no matter
what you do to hide your sins, it will pierce into your life and your heart, and
expose all your sins. Is there any dirt in your heart today?
In the wilderness, the unbelieving and rebellious Israelites suffered and died
from the snakebites. All they required to be healed was to look at the bronze
serpent on the stick Moses lifted up. Likewise, all we have to do to be saved
from our sins is to simply believe in Jesus, who was lifted up on the old
rugged cross. Why should we remain in the darkness of sins and refuse to
believe in Jesus who became a curse, taking away our sin and eternal
Surrender to Jesus today.

Lord Jesus, let Your Light reveal how sinful I am, and how vast Your Love for
me and the world is. Amen.

Lydia Bae is an ordained minister in the PCC and the interim director of Cyclical Vancouver