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Monday, March 15

Contributed by Richard Knowler

Hebrews 3: 1-6

“For every house is built by someone, but God is the builder of everything.”

Jesus Christ is our rock and anchor in this life. Because of the faithfulness of
Christ, we can rest in the assurance of our salvation. Moses, as the faithful
servant brought the people out of Egypt and thus proved God’s faithfulness in
keeping the promises that He made to His people.
Moses brought us the Law as a guide, to show us how far away from the ideal
that we have strayed, and how much we need to rely on the righteousness of
God. The Law points to Jesus as the one in whom we must put our trust.
Jesus as the high priest came to us not to condemn us with the Law, but in
order to fulfill the Law. The author of Hebrews is saying that while Moses was
a great and faithful servant, it is only Christ that will save us. He is the author
and defender of our salvation in whom we need to put our faith and trust.
Moses is the servant who leads us to Christ.
It is not the Law of Moses that will save us, but the faithfulness of Christ. His
complete submission to the Father’s will, right up to the cross, is what Moses
and the Law, and everything points towards. Keeping to the letter of the Law
is an impossible task and only leads to condemnation. But by putting our trust
in Christ, there is no more condemnation. Without Christ, we only have the
Law which will not save.

Loving and gracious heavenly Father, thank you for your faithful servant
Moses who points the way to Jesus as our Saviour. We are grateful that
Jesus was faithful to your promises and through which we can come to know
you and live our lives according to your will.

Richard Knowler is a Ruling Elder at Fairview Presbyterian Church, on staff
at Union Gospel Mission and a student at SAH/VST.