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Wednesday, March 17

Contributed by Stephen P. Bell

Psalm 107:1-16

“Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.”

Psalm 107 answers a question that a group of people are asking as they end
their experience of exile:
“What does a proper return to worship look like—after not worshipping together
for so long?”
It will come as no surprise during this time of novel corona virus that more than
a few of us are asking the same question, day in and day out, as we sit alone
in the dark, feeling chained to our own homes. Beloved, we the 'together but
separate' long to see the light at the end of this tunnel—or at least the bottom
of this dark dungeon.
But for these Israelites in Psalm 107, a proper return to worship after their time
away, in their darkness, now has them gathering once more from every
direction. Long their imprisoned spirits have laid—but then, finally, they get the
call. The ban on traveling to their place of worship has been lifted. And if this
traveling band of worshipers brings anything less than absolute pandemonium
to everyone they see, they have missed their mark entirely. For the LORD’s
redeemed can’t shut up.
Beloved, our light is coming. And when our present dungeon is filled with light,
and our chains have been loosened, we as well won’t stop proclaiming about
the One who breaks our chains and who takes us from utter darkness into a
place of redeemed light. We will race from our time of exile to a time in which
we, as friends and family, can come together again and sing. We will sing to
both the Lord and to each other the glories due to His loving, chain breaking,
light bringing Name—so that we may go out together again—no longer
wandering in the waste as individuals… but sent with a purpose together. The
purpose of praising the LORD everywhere.
The light of our community has come, friends. Let the redeemed of the LORD
say so.

“God of Enduring Love, let we the redeemed of the LORD declare that your
light continues to bring us together and send us out.”

Stephen P. Bell is a Minister on Vancouver Island, graduating from St. Andrew’s Hall in 2020.
He has a wife named Amy and a small, overly brave puppy named Beatrix that he’s pretty sure
is not meant for this world.