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Monday, March 22

Contributed by Ena van Zoeren

2 Corinthians 3: 4-11

“Not that we are competent in ourselves to claim anything for ourselves, but
our competence comes from God.”

As a graduate of VST the concept of “competency” has shaped my education,
and ultimately the way I approach preparing for worship. The papers that we
were required to submit, were not assigned letter grades. Our work was
ranked on a competency scale: Very Good; Good; Not Yet Approved.
“Not Yet Approved” meant that we needed to redo the assignment. Some
Faculty were easier to please than others, and some turned papers back with
such frequency that we called them, “never approved *name*”. Yet, if we
were honest, we would also admit that these faculty members made us desire
to do better than to simply turn in the first draft.
The Scriptures we meditate on today remind us that none of us are competent
in what we do, or in who we are but that as people who live in Grace, our
competence comes from God.
When our competence comes from God, then what we do, is more than “Very
Good.” When we rely on the Holy Spirit then what we do is “More Glorious”.
What we do in the gifts and talents given from God, sanctified in Christ, and
empowered by the Holy Spirit is more than competent. Our lack of perfection
through the Spirit becomes “more glorious” (v. 8) and “an example of
righteousness” (v.9). What we do in the Spirit has “a glory that lasts” (v.11)
As we journey to Easter, we are reminded that though we may feel as if we
are “Not Yet Approved” we are a people who are shaped by Grace. We are a
people redeemed in Love. We are a people made “competent” in God. Not
only competent; but, “more Glorious”, and made righteous with a glory that
lasts. Glory be to the Lord Jesus Christ who is our competence and our

Bring us to the place, O Lord, where we see the glory of your hand in all that
we do. Amen.

Ena van Zoeren is the minister at St. Andrew’s, Salmon Arm, the mother of a beautiful daughter,
the Grammie of three wonderful boys, a graduate of VST and a member of the Board of St.
Andrew’s Hall.