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Friday, March 26

Contributed by Hyeeun Noh

Jeremiah 33: 1-9

“The word of the Lord came to Jeremiah a second time,
while he was still confined in the court of the guard.”

Without the word of God, you are indeed confined.
I watched an interview with a person who had been in prison. The man said
that prison was a dreadful place. The interviewer asked him what he feared
most there. His answer was simple: “There was no freedom.”
Here is a story of a prophet in prison. He is, like any other prisoner, deprived
of physical freedom. However, he has real freedom: true freedom that cannot
be confined by steel prison gates nor the shackles and chains. That freedom
is the freedom of the soul to hear the word of God. Although his body is
bound, his soul can freely communicate with God.
This freedom of soul does not go away easily. No, it never goes away. This is
a freedom that no one can ever take.
Today, many people are experiencing tremendous stress during the pandemic
and struggle with the freedoms that have been stripped away due to
lockdowns. However, the "freedom of soul" is not taken away. Like Jeremiah,
we can still hear, meditate, understand, and feel the word of God, and can be
strengthened by it.
What is true freedom? I think true freedom is freedom of our soul. I hope we
cherish the freedom of our souls, the true freedom to listen to God's Word.

Father let us hear your voice today as you listen to us. Guide, care, protect,
direct and govern us even in the midst of life’s difficulties and let us give
thanks together to our Almighty God. Amen.

Hyeeun Noh is a SAH/VST student, currently writing her thesis on Christian education for
youth. She is expecting to study education in Canada and work for Korean Christian youth in
the love of Christ.