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Saturday, March 27

Contributed by Susan Brasier

Psalm 118:1-2,19-29

This is the Day that the Lord and Made
Let us Rejoice and be Glad in It
זֶה־הַ֭ יּוֹם עָ שָׂ ֣ ה יְ הוָ ֑ה נָגִ ֖ ילָ ה וְ נִ שְׂ מְ חָ ֣ ה בֽ ו׃

In August 2019, I moved from New Jersey to the Maritimes into a tiny home
with a massive view of Grand Bay, NB. The sight of water and hills never
ceases to catch me by surprise and fill me with delight. God made such
beautiful things to nourish and restore our souls. Usually, the first thing I see
in the morning is the sun rising over the bay – and Psalm 118:24 lingers with
me – “this is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.”
Each minister really has only one message that we just repackage each
Sunday. In seminary, our job is to discover God’s message that we are to
share with our congregations. Mine is a message of defiant joy. Because
each day is made by God, imprinted with God’s holy word that set all creation
spinning through the heavens, we are called to rejoice and be glad. We are
called to face fiercely whatever chaos and evil that might arise with defiant joy
because we too are made by God and belong to God.
At my ordination (over zoom) last October, I was surrounded by a circle of
friends literally from around the globe who recited Psalm 118:24 for the call to
worship as a reminder of God’s message of defiant joy. We counter the
despair, depression, evil by breathing God’s joy and searching for the good
assured that the darkness will not overcome God’s light given anew to us
each morning. Let us rejoice and be glad.

Gracious God, your steadfast love endures forever. Be near me this day as I
lift my prayers to you, that you might grant me grace and courage to face
whatever the day may bring. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Susan Brasier is an ordained minister with the PC(USA). She is completing her coursework
with St. Andrew’s Hall/VST in order to transfer into the Presbyterian Church in Canada. Prior to
attending seminary, Susan served as a trial lawyer in Ohio while her raising three sons. She
excels at banter, nagging, and making marvelous cookies.