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Good Friday, April 2

Contributed by Rev. Young Tae Choi

John 18:1 – 19:42

“Shall I not drink from the cup that the Father has given me?”

God the Father is a Cupmaker. He once made a cup and gave it to his Son.
John in this text portrays the cup, the cup of suffering that represents Jesus
walking into the tomb. He already knew how painful his death would be.
Certainly, he understood who it was that gave the cup to him and why. Jesus
also knew he must drink it. Therefore, he said to Peter, “Shall I not drink from
the cup that the Father has given me?” (18:11). He emptied himself to fill his
life with the will of the Father by taking the cup of the cross. Jesus’s calling
was then fulfilled.
The cup taken by Jesus is a powerful symbol for other cups that the Father
gives Jesus-followers who are sent out into the world. Apostles, early
Christian believers, the later Church Fathers, and many more, all drank the
cups of suffering on behalf of the gospel of Christ no matter how bitter the
cups were at the time.
Even today, countless Christians bear their own cross to follow Jesus in
diverse forms by enduring persecution, advocating for social justice, caring for
the environment, or defending sound teachings against bad theologies.
Accordingly, it is very natural for Christians to go through hardships or strong
opposition in following their callings in a hostile, anti-Christian culture.
You and I have been given a special cup from the Cupmaker, too. What is
your cup? What is its intended purpose? Are you drinking it or trying to avoid

Lord, lead us from a too-comfortable lifestyle to a Spirit-led lifestyle even if it is
costly so that we may fulfill the callings you give us and thus experience the
power of the living gospel in our midst. Amen.

Rev. Young Tae Choi is a graduate of SAH/VST. He is the founding director of Poieo
Center that nurtures artists, worship arts, and mainstream art. Young Tae is passionate about
working at the intersection of art, ministry, and culture.