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Young Adults: Listen Up!  SACRED SPACE is making a come-back!  Though we didn't have a gathering in September, we're starting again this month: specifically, Sunday, October 27th, 6PM in the Knox sanctuary. 

Young Adults studying at university or college, or beginning careers: SACRED SPACE is especially for you!

SACRED SPACE is a gathering for students and other young adults seeking an open and honest atmosphere to explore basic questions of life in a hospitable space for worship and friendship.   

At the October 27th SACRED SPACE event, we'll explore the theme of "Empathy" and ask the questions: Who cares anymore?  Have you noticed people struggle to listen to each other?  Do you find yourself tuning out to others who think differently than you?   Wouldn't it be so much a better world if everyone had a renewed sense of empathy?         

Join us Sunday at Knox Presbyterian, October 27th @ 6 PM.   Enter through the Garden Courtyard Doors off Elgin Street.  We begin with worship led with a mix of contemporary, classic, and folk-music, followed by a time for reflection & sharing, closing worship with Communion and then go upstairs to the Knox Parlour for great food and conversation! 

For more information about SACRED SPACE click HERE