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As one part of Knox Church's 175th anniversary, quotes are being read during Sunday worship services from sermons, prayer, and other writings of previous Knox Ministers.   On Sunday, February 3, in connection with our sermon series, "Questions about Heaven," the following words of Rev. Dr. William McLaren, 2nd Minister of Knox from 1870-74 were read from his sermon on Revelation 22: 

"...in heaven all will be different.  The last footprints of sin will be removed from the redeemed.  Nothing that defileth shall enter the Holy City.   All that separates from God has disappeared.  And there His servants are like him and they see Him as He is.   There is no longer any place for a temple there.   No meeting place for God and His people is required, for they have met in a union complete, perfect and permanent.  No more are means needed to bring men nearer to God, to remove guilt, to restore to the divine favour, or to removed the stain of sin.   The work is done.   The Divine image is restored, and every part of man's moral and spiritual nature is once more in touch with God."