Out of the Cold (Centre 120)

The Out of the Cold (Centre 120) program was initiated by Knox Presbyterian Church in 1995. The purpose of the program is to welcome disadvantaged members of the community into our church and to serve them a hot meal each Saturday night during the cold months, beginning in November and continuing until the end of March. An average of 120 people are served each week.  

The program involves about 200 volunteers who come from within the congregation, and from Grace Presbyterian Church in Orleans, St. Andrews (Ottawa), St. Andrews (Kars), St. Giles and St. Stephen’s Presbyterian Churches, Dominion-Chalmers United Church, St. Theresa’s Catholic Church, and from the Ottawa community. While primarily funded by Knox member donations, outside churches, organizations and individuals do donate to the program with either money or food. Since 1995 we have served many thousands of guests. 

Read the Out of the Cold Fact Sheet fact sheet for more information and if you are interested in volunteering, contact [email protected].

To make a donation toward Out of the Cold at Knox, click the button below and select the Out of the Cold fund. A tax receipt will be issued for your donation.

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