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There are a variety of ways at Knox to grow spiritually and increase understanding of the Christian faith.   Click on any of the items on the side menu bar to learn about different opportunities at Knox. 


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Sunday, September 9, 2018


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Abraham's Children

An even larger number of people attended the third session of Windows on World Religions on March 8th. Judaism, they learned, is the oldest of the Abrahamic religions - Islam and Christianity are the other two. The... Read More

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Can Christians be Buddhists?

This is one of the questions raised at the second Thursday evening session of Windows Onto World Religions. The series, led by Dr. Cheryl Gaver, is intended to make us more aware of the religions and cultures of... Read More


Learning about Hindu religion

The first workshop in the series Windows onto World Religions attracted members of knox church as well as members of the local community. Dr. Cheryl Gaver gave a succinct explanation of a very complex religion.... Read More

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Open Learning about World Religions

Most of us know only the religions we learned as we grew up - and perhaps only incompletely. Sitting in the heart of Ottawa, a cosmopolitan city whose members follow many religions - or none at all - Knox is a part... Read More