Jazz Vespers

Praise God with the piano, the saxophone, and the upright bass – Psalm 150 (paraphrased). Vespers is the traditional evening prayer service.  Jazz Vespers is a modern form of this service that crosses denominational boundaries and demonstrates the unifying power of the Holy Spirit through the music of jazz.

Knox Presbyterian Church started its Jazz Vespers services in 2013 and has been blessed by many gifted Ottawa-based jazz musicians in just a few short seasons. Jazz Vespers at Knox are held at 7 pm, normally on the third Wednesday of each month, September through May.

Our next Jazz Vespers Event is:

  • September 15: Scott Poll & the Pollcats.   For details, check HERE

With COVID19 still a significant concern, our Jazz Vespers events are available both online and in-person.   

For those wishing to attend in-person, please click the following link to review our COVID19 Protocols

We also strongly encourage all persons attending to be fully vaccinated. 

For those wanting to view Jazz Vespers online, the event will be livestreamed on the home page of our website HERE and will also be available both livestreamed and archived on our YouTube channel Knox Ottawa

Check here for other Jazz Vespers events soon to be announced, and please help spread the news about one of Centretown's best kept musical secrets!                                                          

Jazz Vespers Samplers:  

Improvisation on Psalm 20 by John Dapaah and Roxanne Goodman.


 Excerpts from the Sep 21, 2016 service with Peter Woods and Brian Browne


Improvisation on Psalm 57 by Mark Ferguson and Elise Letourneau.


Improvisation on Psalm 27 by Michael Curtis Hanna and James McGowan.  Based on Miles Davis' All Blues.  Filmed on November 16, 2016 at Knox Church.