Knox celebrates Communion six times per year.  As part of a Sunday Service, each worshiper receives a small piece of bread and small glass of wine which we eat and drink as spiritual signs of the grace and forgiveness we are given in the sacrifice of Jesus body and blood.  

"The Lord's Supper is a joyful mystery whereby Jesus takes the bread and wine to represent his atoning sacrifice, deepening our union with himself and with each other, giving us of his life and strength.  Here Christ is present in his world proclaiming salvation until he comes--a symbol of hope for a troubled age."   Living Faith, 7.7.3

We welcome all who attend to receive these symbols of God's grace and forgiveness, and trust God's Spirit to use Communion as a way for us all to grow in faith. 

Gluten-free wafers and non-alcholic grape juice are available on each tray as elements are distributed.