Children & Youth

The above video was produced by the Sunday School to help us think about what we hope to "Keep, Drop and Add" at Knox as we return after Covid-19.

We welcome everyone to our worship services and our church community. As we return to in-person worship at Knox we are following health protocols to ensure the safety of all who enter our building.

Children join us in the sanctuary during worship, then leave the service for “physically-distanced” Sunday School from September to June. During the summer families are welcome to join in Sunday morning worship, but no Sunday School is planned. For the present time our nursery is not being staffed by volunteers, but is available for parents to use if needed.

For families who are unable to attend in person, we encourage you to join the Knox online worship services posted on this website.

Below are messages to children and families from our Sunday School teachers, as well as materials for you to use at home, including Bible readings, discussion topics and activities appropriate for a range of ages of children, youth and even adults. For information about programs and activities, click on the desired heading at the left. 

If you have questions about Sunday School, or if you would like to join in the fun, please contact us at