Baptismal Services are special at Knox.   Whether an infant or child is brought forward by parents to receive baptism or an adult makes a decision to follow Jesus and be baptized, witinessing this sacrament is often a great encouragement to many of us at Knox.  

"By the power of the Holy Spirit, God acts through Baptism.  It is the sacrament not of what we do but of what God has done for us in Christ.   God's grace and our response to it are not tied to the moment of Baptism, but continue and deepen throughout life.  It is a sacrament meant for those who profess their faith and for their children.  Together we are the family of God."  Living Faith, Section 7.6.3 

All baptismal requests are first affirmed by the Session, our leadership body of Elders, before being scheduled during a Sunday Service.  

If you have never been baptized, and would like to learn more about what it means to follow Jesus and be baptized, please speak with an Elder or our Minister.   Because in the Presbyterian tradition, preparation for Adult Baptism is the same as preparing for membership in a congregation, please click on Church Membership for resources. 

If you have an infant or child you would like to have baptized, please speak with one of our Elders or the Minister.