Preparing for Membership

Why Membership?

While anyone is welcome to worship and participate in the various ministries and events at Knox, we are always pleased when new people consider membership as well.  

Even though Church Membership seems to be less important than it has been in previous times, we encourage people to consider membership who enjoy worshiping with us, who agree with our basic statements of faith, and who want to partner with us in making a positive Christian contribution to the Centretown of Ottawa.  

Membership in a specific church can help you grow spiritually, offer you a place to find community, and give you opportunities to contribute with your talents and gifts in meaningful ways.   

Who to Talk with About Membership?

If you are interested in membership at Knox, please speak with our Minister or one of the Elders.  You will be invited to read one or more of the documents below to familiarize yourself with our beliefs and statements of faith.  

What Should I Read or Understand before Membership? 

The following documents are basic to understanding the beliefs of Knox Church:

The Apostles' Creed

Living Faith

Foi Vivante (Living Faith, French Version)

Declaration of Faith Concerning Church and Nation

A Catechism for Today