SACRED SPACE: How Can We Understand God's Plan?

SACRED SPACE: How Can We Understand God's Plan?

Young Adults studying at university or college, or beginning careers, this is for you!

SACRED SPACE is a gathering for students and other young adults seeking an open and honest atmosphere to explore basic questions of life in a hospitable space for worship and friendship.   

For the 2018-19 season, we're addressing a number of "TOUGH QUESTIONS," with thanks to everyone who contributed thoughts, questions, and suggestions last month.   This month's question is, "How Can We Understand God's Plan for our Lives?"   

Join us this Sunday, November 11th @ 6 PM.   Enter through the Garden Courtyard Doors off Elgin Street.   We begin with worship led with a mix of contemporary, classic, and folk music, followed by a time for reflection & sharing, and closing with Communion and then go upstairs to the Knox Parlour for great food and conversation! 

If you're not able to attend this week, check our upcoming SACRED SPACE topics & dates:

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  • January 13 - Why Do Christians Differ on the Subject of Bible & Sexuality?  
  • February 10 - How Important is Church Attendance in Christianity?    
  • March 10 - Can Christians Agree to Disagree?   
  • April 7 - Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead?  

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