Windows onto World Religions

Windows onto World Religions

The topic of "World Religions" used to be of interest mostly for people working abroad, either with a political posting overseas, with a multi-national company, or even as a foreign missionary. 

With the dramatic changes of global migration patterns in the last few decades, much has changed.  People of various faith backgrounds are now our neighbours, colleagues, and hopefully friends.  What hasn't changed is the need for respect, appreciation, hospitality, and understanding common concerns and points of difference between people of different religious conviction.   

As they were for overseas diplomats, business employees and missionaries in previous times, the above values are essential to a faithful witness of the Christian gospel, and we're pleased to have Rev. Dr. Cheryl Gaver lead us at Knox for a four week series of workshops on this topic with the theme "Windows onto World Religions."   

Rev. Dr. Cheryl Gaver / Presbytery Ministry Animator

  • Dr. Gaver is the Presbytery Ministry Animator for the Presbyteries of Ottawa and Seaway-Glengarry.  She is an ordained Presbyterian minister, a Piano (and theory) teacher, and Research Associate with the University of Ottawa's InterCulture Research Group.
  • Dr. Gaver's educational background includes a B.A. in French Literature from Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY (1975); M.Div. from Knox College in Toronto (1982); M.A. in Religion & Culture from Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo (2005); Post-Graduate Diploma from the Centre for the Study of Jewish-Christian Relations in Cambridge, England (2005); and most recently a Ph.D. in Religious Studies from the University of Ottawa in 2011.
  • In this series of four interactive workshops, Dr. Gaver will help us explore some of the main beliefs and practices of religions such as Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, and how each has shared values and also points of difference in comparison to the Christian faith.   
  • In her own words, Dr. Gaver's interest in world religions "is in how cultures shape religions or - to put it another way - how religions change as they spread from culture to culture."   Especially with the above mentioned changes of global migration patterns resulting in an increased plurality of religious expression in Canada, Dr. Gaver's education and experience will be invaluable as we explore "Windows onto World Religions."  
  • Join us at Knox on Thursday evenings from 7-9 PM, February 22nd, March 1, 8, and 15.
  • Enter through the Garden Courtyard at 227 Elgin Street. 
  • No cost, and each evening includes refreshments, plus time for good conversation and dialogue! 




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