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This is one of the questions raised at the second Thursday evening session of Windows Onto World ReligionsThe series, led by Dr. Cheryl Gaver, is intended to make us more aware of the religions and cultures of people in the downtown area served by Knox. The first session focused on Hinduism, while the most recent looked at Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. Attendance was slightly larger than for the first, and discussion was lively.

For none of these is there a "god"; each has a human founder and is more like a way of life or philosophy. Differences include the goal - either to become the best individual one can be, or  the best member of society one can be. The audience were challenged to consider if the difference - subtle but real - made one or another incompatible with the teachings of Christ, and how it might affect them.

"It really makes you think - challenges your assumptions, and makes you look at yourself differently," was the comment of one person.

The series continues on March 8th and 15th, with discussions of Islam and other religions.