Phil Winkelaar
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The marvellous voice of Emilie Loisier and the virtuosic playing of Aude Urbancic on piano and Ariane Saulnier on clarinet opened the Celebration of Sanctuary concert in the sanctuary of Knox on April 2nd. The audience of nearly 60 was treated to an outstanding performance by students and graduates of the University of Ottawa music program. Simon Berniquez gave a sensitive performance of several compositions for classical guitar while David Endemann performed beautifully on viola.

The program also featured Meriam Tayar, eldest daughter of the refugee family sponsored by Knox. She gave a moving account of the family's experiences as their city undewent a transition from the sidelines of an insurrection to the target of bombing and violence. She expressed their gratitude to God for their escape from Syria and their welcome in Canada.

After a brief break for refreshments, the evening endedwith another guitar performance by Simon and then by Silas Chinsen, who added a finishing touch with his guitar and concluded with a rendition of Nat King Cole's "What a Wonderful World".

We thank all of the performers who freeliy donated their time and talents to raise funds for the Knox refugee program.