Phil Winkelaar
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When Elgin street re-opened in January, we were warned that there was still work to be done. Now, the resumption of construction has blocked access from Elgin street to the garden courtyard and front doors.

With the pandemic, Knox prolonged and adapted its Out of the Cold (OOTC) program. A priority was to feed those in need, while keeping clients and volunteers a safe distance apart. We therefore switched to a take-out meal, distributed in the entrance hall.

The construction has forced another change. In consultation with the new "take-out" coordinator Stephen Rock, a volunteer recruited through the Centretown Community Association (CCA),  the decision was made to give out the food packages at the Lisgar entrance to the vestry. Physical distancing is actually easier in this location, so the change brings with it a benefit.

We thank the many volunteers from the CCA who have augmented the OOTC groups, and the volunteer cooks who produce the meals that are distributed.

We also thank Judy Faulkner of Faulkner Real Estate whose generous donation allows for this expansion of OOTC.