Phil Winkelaar

It was humorous, informative, and frank.

At the Spring Dinner in support of our Refugee Sponsorship on April 27th, CBC reporter Julie vanDusen shared stories from her long involvement with Parliament Hill and the politicians who work there.

One of seven children of Tom van Dusen, a reporter and later assistant to several prominent politicians, her relationship to politics and Parliament Hill started in her childhood. Although her job often involves challenging them, she respects all of the politicians she has met. She recognizes their sacrifices and their disappointment when their efforts are rejected by the voters.

In answer to questions, she described her workday as beginning at about 5 am when the alarm goes off, catching up on overnight happenings, and running from place to place to get stories and talk to people - literally chasing people down halls and once jumping on the hood of a politician's car to get her story.

Although she is more used being the questioner, she was gracious and thoughtful in her responses to the audience's many queries.