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Thank you to all who purchased tickets for this year's Knox Guild "Twelve Days of Christmas" Wine Raffle!  All 500 tickets were sold for this year's raffle, with funds going toward the very worthwhile project of a new Garden Courtyard Door.   The Courtyard Door is much in need of replacement and the only door into our facility without stairs, it is an importance entrance especially for people with accessibility challenges.    

Before the raffle, total funds in this project's account was just over $16,000 and the entire project will be somewhere between $25-30K.   Money raised through this year's raffle will bring this fund to just over $18,000, getting us well on the way toward meeting costs for the door which we hope can be installed in 2022.     

And now to the winners: 

4th place prize of 2 bottles of wine goes to Lynn Hetherington 

Winner of the 3rd place prize of 2 bottles of wine is Alice Templin

2nd place prize of $150 worth of wine goes to Tracy Bertrand 

And the grand-prize winner of $250 worth of wine is Marianne Rasmus!  

Thank you again to all who purchased tickets, and congratulations to the lucky winners!