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As our time of self-isolation and physical distancing continues, we are called to find new ways to keep connections with those who are close to us. As part of the Knox community of Christ, the Sunday School team is thinking of all of you and keeping you in our prayers. 

The lesson materials for Sunday School this week focus on John 11:1–45, the story of Jesus coming to see Mary and Martha following the death of their brother, Lazarus. The discussion focuses on caring and compassion, of Mary and Martha for their brother, and of Jesus for his friends. This is a fitting topic for a time when we are all thinking of those around us who are ill, isolated, anxious or working to keep essential services running. 

Also attached this week is a "spirit sighting" from Seasons of the Spirit, a current events story chosen for its link to this week's lesson. The story tells of children reaching out to an isolated neighbour. During this time of distancing and isolation it can be overwhelming to see how many people are struggling, and not know what we can do to help. Perhaps this story can help your children see how a small gesture can make a big difference. Perhaps they can think of someone who would appreciate a card, a song from their front lawn or just a friendly smile and wave from the sidewalk.

A few weeks ago I sent the Lenten Calendar to you, a page to which the children had been adding a drawing of the Bible story each week. This week's materials include the pictures from the first six weeks of the Lenten Calendar, that can be used to make a Lenten Storybook. There are also several games and discussion topics included in the possible activities. Note that the materials needed for the activities are described in the “Prepare” section (on page 36 this week). Sometimes you need to look at both the list of materials and the activity description to understand how the activity works!

You may have noticed that these at-home Sunday School activities are now being loaded to our Knox Ottawa website. If you know another family who would enjoy these activities, please direct them to the website. Or ask if they would like to be added to our Knox family email list to receive them directly each week.

As always, please don't hesitate to contact me or someone else at Knox if we can be of assistance.

May everyone in your family feel the strong arms of God surrounding and supporting you in the coming week.

Joan and the rest of the Knox Sunday School team 

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