Joan Coulter
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For the next couple weeks we will be looking at the significance of the Easter story and its meaning for our lives. You will see in the attached curriculum documents that this week we will be looking at what it means to believe something. Using the story of doubting Thomas we will look at the importance of trusting in Jesus’ resurrection and how we can rejoice in what He did for us! In this time of uncertainty I think we can all be a little bit like Thomas, but it’s important to remember to rejoice in Jesus’ great sacrifice and resurrection.

Our Sunday School group remains in our thoughts and prayers moving forward. If you have any questions, concerns or prayer requests, please let us know!

God Bless,

Kyle, Joan, Grace, Molly and Aidan, Knox Sunday School teachers

P.S. Thanks so much for everyone who participated in our Sunday morning Easter service on Zoom. We were able to do almost everything we would do on a normal Sunday. We learned about the incredible surprise of Jesus’ resurrection and what it meant for Mary and the disciples. We were able to sing and dance and even do a craft! I think everyone who participated really took something away, even the teachers!