Joan Coulter
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The men on the road to Emmaus with Jesus -- As our time apart drags on it can be easy for moments to drag into one another and the days to meld together. It is important now more than ever to remember the gifts and opportunities that are a part of each day, be it a nice meal with family, a phone call with someone far away, or even one moment of peace on an otherwise hard day.

When we stop to reflect on the good times in a day we are often struck by how God was with us all along, sustaining us through harder times and rejoicing during the good times! It is exactly this lesson that this Sunday deals with, in the afterglow of the resurrection.

This Sunday we will continue our discovery surrounding the ongoing significance of the Easter story to our lives with the help of the materials from the Seasons of the Spirit curriculum that we use at Knox. The theme for this Sunday is knowing that Jesus is with us even when we don’t recognize Him. The story of the men travelling to Emmaus, who only recognized Jesus was among them after He revealed Himself, offers a good example of how Jesus is always with us, even when we don’t recognize it. It is easy to think that we need to go through life alone, but looking back through times such as these can reveal Jesus was with us through it all.

The Sunday School ideas from Seasons lead us through various reflections on how Jesus is with us and shining on us throughout our lives. Join us if you are able, or use these ideas to lead a time of learning at home.

Peace and Blessings,

Aidan, Joan, Grace, Kyle and Molly, Knox Sunday School Teachers