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How we can carry Jesus’ message of love and caring into the community -- Last week during our virtual Sunday School, we explored the idea of COMMUNITY and the importance of belonging to one (or many different ones like schools, clubs, neighbourhoods, families) where we can support one another and work together to live out our faith in concrete ways. Many of us have come to appreciate this even more during the last number of months. We focused on the first communities that developed in the early church and how folks shared meals, worshiped together, and even sold land and possessions to share with others.

This week we will be focusing on Acts 7:55–60. This passage talks about the early church and specifically about a servant leader named Stephen. When people were sick, Stephen cared for them. When people were hungry, Stephen took them food. When people didn’t have enough to wear, Stephen gave them some clothes. When people were very poor, Stephen gave them some money. When people were lonely, Stephen visited them. We will talk about how God invites us to be as living stones, like Stephen.

We look forward to meeting together on Sunday to explore how we can carry Jesus’ message of love and caring into the community that surrounds us. Materials for other related activities that you can use in the coming week are in the attached package from the Seasons of the Spirit curriculum.

If you would like to participate in our virtual Sunday School gatherings, please contact us at [email protected]. Parents are welcome to join in the fun at Sunday School!

Sending many thoughts and prayers to all of you!

Knox Sunday School Teachers Grace, Joan, Kyle, Molly and Aidan