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The Holy Spirit is with us always -- This week we will continue to talk about the experiences of Jesus’ disciples following His resurrection as they spread His word throughout the world. We learned about His death, then rejoiced in His resurrection, discovered the story of Thomas, walked with Jesus on the road to Emmaus, and learned about the early Church leaders like Stephen. This week we will learn about a special helper sent by God to help us, the Holy Spirit.

The important part of the lesson is a focus on the promise made by Jesus that the Holy Spirit is always with us. We have the Holy Spirit to help us show love to others, which is important at times like these where kindness needs to be freely given and received.

We are looking forward to meeting again on Sunday morning at 10 am to explore the hope and love that we can find through the Holy Spirit. The lesson is in the attached package from the Seasons of the Spirit curriculum. Those who wish to do a more involved craft may find it in the materials; we will be doing a simpler craft on Sunday. 


If your family would like to participate in our Sunday School gatherings, please contact us at Parents are welcome to join in the fun at Sunday School!  Please bring paper or construction paper if you have it, a stick or pencil/pen, scissors, and tape.

May the peace and love of Christ be with you this week.

Knox Sunday School Teachers Joan, Grace, Kyle, Molly & Aidan