Joan Coulter
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Jesus prayed for us; we can pray for others -- This week is the last Sunday in the season of Easter. Over the past weeks we have shouted “Alleluia!” on Easter morning; heard the stories of Mary Magdalene, Thomas and the other disciples, and the men on the road to Emmaus who saw the risen Christ; learned about community from Stephen and the other believers in the early church. 

Today we look at the prayer in John 17: 1 – 11 that Jesus prayed for his disciples and for all those who follow his teachings, including us. Jesus prayed this prayer on the last night He spent with His disciples, just before He went to the Garden of Gethsemane. He knew what was to come, and that He needed time alone to talk with God. First, though, Jesus prayed with His disciples, and through this prayer reminded the disciples and us that He taught us of God, and what we need to know to follow God. He asked that God be with all of us, and that we be one with each other. 

As Jesus prayed for us, we are called to pray for others. Together we will explore when, where and how we can pray each day, as Jesus taught us.

Our Zoom gathering will begin at 10 a.m. on Sunday. If your family would like to participate in our Sunday School gatherings, please contact us at Parents are welcome to join in the fun at Sunday School!

With many prayers for all of you,

Joan, Grace, Kyle, Molly & Aidan