Joan Coulter
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Jesus calling his disciples to be his helpers - This week we will be exploring the story from Matthew 9:35– 10:8, (9–23) where Jesus calls his disciples to be his helpers and help spread the Good News. We will look at what that calling means for us and how teamwork and sacrifice can lead to great things, just like it did with the disciples! Being a follower of Jesus sure isn’t easy but we will look at small things we can do to contribute and ways that we can work together to spread the Good News, both through words and actions.

Just a quick reminder about the letter we referenced in last week's email. It gives some great suggestions for bringing up faith in your home. The more our students talk about faith at home, the easier it’ll be for them in Sunday School and other situations too.

We hope that your family will be able to join us on Sunday at 10:00 a.m. Please bring paper and crayons or markers

If you know any children or families who would like to participate in our Sunday School gatherings, please encourage them to contact us at Parents are welcome to join in the fun at Sunday School!

With prayers for your family and our world,

      Joan, Grace, Kyle, Molly & Aidan