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September 13 -- Our relationship with the land -- For the second week in the Season of Creation, the curriculum materials focus on our relationship with the land, using Psalm 139: 7-12 as the basis for study. Given the current evidence of the increasing impacts of global warming on the earth, these materials provide suggestions for ways to explore how we relate to this earthly home that God has given to us. At the bottom of this email is A song from land that is hurting, based on Psalm 139:7-12, which is part of this week’s study. 

The Sunday School team continues to work with the Knox Church Contingency Committee to determine how to use indoor and outdoor in-person gatherings as well as virtual connections to keep learning and worshipping together. More information will be provided when plans have been confirmed. Until then, Knox in-person church services continue each Sunday at 11:00, live on the Facebook page, and archived at

We have been thinking of all of you as you adjust to the return to school and all its impacts on every member of your family. We look forward to connecting with you very soon and send many prayers. 

Joan, Grace, Kyle, Aidan, and Molly


A song from land that is hurting (based on Psalm 139:7–12)

Creator God, you are always with me.

Your love holds me tight.

When my forests are ripped away, you are there.

When my beauty is covered with rubbish, you are there.

If my earth is dug up,

with no thought to my earth friends who live there,

I cry.

But even there your love will find me.

If I say, “Surely smoke from the factories shall cover me

and stop the sun from shining through,”

even the choking smoke is not too dark for you.

You find me underneath the buildings, and the roads, and the factories, and your love gives me hope.

(Seasons of the Spirit, September 13, 2020)