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In-person Sunday School outdoors starting this Sunday!!  We have approval from the Knox Contingency Committee to begin holding Sunday School outdoors. Following the Children’s Story the children will be asked to come to the narthex to meet the teachers and head outdoors. We ask that children and adults maintain 2 metre spacing as they come out. For more details on the health and safety protocols we will follow, please contact us at

We hope that many of you will be able to join us on Sunday. 

Sunday School materials for September 20 -- In case you are unable to join us on Sunday, the curriculum materials for this week are attached. This is the third week in the Season of Creation, a time to celebrate God’s beautiful creation. The focus is on the wilderness as a place of struggle and also of spiritual sustenance. Below is a Wilderness Creed from this week’s extra materials that you may find thought-provoking as you explore the themes of the wilderness in today’s world.

We look forward to meeting and connecting with you very soon, and send many prayers. 

Joan, Grace, Kyle, Aidan and Molly


The Wilderness Creed

I believe in the wilderness.

I believe in the interdependence of all living things.

I believe in the grandeur of the great and tiny,

in the scorched and fresh earth.

I believe in the space that allows our hearts to soar,

the room to move and breathe.

I believe that the wilderness reminds us to live in freedom,

revealing the mysteries of death and rebirth.

I believe that the wilderness is a great sanctuary

of playfulness, creativity and celebrations.

I believe that the wilderness surprises us

when we have reached the end of our possibilities.

I believe in the power of the wilderness

to transform itself after destruction,

providing us with an example of renewal and hope. 

from p. 29 in Sanctuary,  by Trisha Watts and Gabrielle Lord

(Seasons of the Spirit, September 20, 2020)