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Anticipating Jesus' birth: What an exciting and hopeful time! This Sunday marks the beginning of Advent, the time before Christmas when we prepare for the coming of Jesus. The theme of the first Sunday is Hope, and we will read Isaiah 64:1-9. In these verses the Babylonians call out to God to reconnect with His people.

The prophet Isaiah cries out for God to break open the heavens and be revealed. As the prophet laments and calls the people to confession, before the declaration of Creator and created, so should we look to God to see how He is reshaping and molding us. We will discuss what it means to wait in anticipation and hope, and what it means to be shaped by God.

Attached you will find Sunday’s handout, as well as two additional items from Seasons of the Spirit. The additional attachments are a letter introducing the next season of the church year, and some ideas for celebrating Advent at home.

With hope and joy,

Joan, Grace, Kyle, Aidan and Molly