Joan Coulter
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This week is the beginning of the season following the epiphany. New beginnings carry a lot of meaning, whether it is starting something new or going back to something with refreshed spirits. We are continually called to a new life in Jesus through grace and faith.


 This Sunday we will discuss the beginning of Jesus’s ministry as a young man when he is baptized by John the baptist in the river in Mark 1:4 - 11. It is a striking imagery of God’s favor being conferred upon Jesus, and a reminder of our calls to carry on His ministry. We will meet at 10 am as usual on Sunday, January 10. If those that are attending could be ready to engage in a short scavenger hunt for general items (for example something blue, or something fuzzy). We look forward to seeing you Sunday morning.


May the peace of Christ be with you,

Aidan, Molly, Grace, Kyle, and Joan