Joan Coulter
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Pentecost Sunday -- This Sunday is a special day for Christ followers. The Pentecost story is told every year and is foundational to the story of the Christian faith. Such stories are important to everyone, young and old, new to the Christian faith, or a child of the church. 

When Jesus left his followers after the Resurrection, he promised that they would receive the gift of God’s Spirit. In this week’s story from the Bible, all Jesus’ friends and followers are together in Jerusalem to celebrate a special day called the Feast of Pentecost. It was a time to thank God for the harvest.

We will be discussing metaphors for the Spirit – the advocate who speaks on our behalf; the helpers; the one who comforts, strengthens, and empowers; wind; fire.

We look forward to celebrating this special day together!

Joan, Grace, Kyle, Aidan, and Molly