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The first workshop in the series Windows onto World Religions attracted members of knox church as well as members of the local community. Dr. Cheryl Gaver gave a succinct explanation of a very complex religion. Explaining that Hinduism is not an organized religion with a fixed theology and set of dogmas, she emphasized that its believers are on a quest for spiritual enlightenment, which is the way people become "good". She explained how the concepts of karma and reincarnation help them understand that spiritual quest.

At the midpoint of her presentation, during a refreshment break, some of the attendees asked questions which she answered for the group when she resumed. She also responded to further questions after her presentation.

One audience member commented,"I never knew how little I knew even after taking a university course in this."

The next workshop will explore Buddhism. Jim Pot, the pastor of Knox, issued an invitation to anyone of any faith (or none) to attend any of the upcoming events on March 1, 8 or 15th at 7 PM.