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On Mother's Day, Pastor Jim talked about the nurturing we all need, where we find it and how we give it. One of the regular guests at Out of the Cold recently spoke with Pastor Jim about how that program doesn’t just feed the bodies of the guests but also nurtures their spirits.  He emphasized how thankful he and his companions are for the donations of food, money and time.  

Out of the Cold, the Knox program to feed the hungry in Centretown Ottawa, has traditionally ended with the advent of spring. Last year the Covid-19 pandemic increased the need for food support beyond that time. Even though it wasn’t cold out, we still had neighbours in need of food, so the program continued through April to July.

Out of the Cold resumed in November. Indoor dining was deemed unsafe, but a walk-through event allowed guests to get out of the cold  and obtain a warm drink, was briefly possible.

With the current lock-down, needs have continued and volunteers are again serving Neighbours in Need at Knox, with help from local businesses (Massine's Independent grocer, Johnny Farina  restaurant and others who wish to remain anonymous).