Phil Winkelaar
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It was a homecoming to remember as the Knox family welcomed back Linda (nee Sugrue) and Brooke Ashfield. They had both been members of Knox from childhood before marrying and, in 1979, they had  been ordained as Presbyterian ministers.  On May 21, 2023 following retirement from forty years of active ministry they returned to Knox, bringing with them a very special gift - a framed drawing.

After the present Knox building was completed in 1932, the architect presented to Hugh Graham, chairman of the building committee, a drawing of the planned sanctuary. Thirty-eight years later Mr. Graham passed the drawing on to the then-minister of Knox, Reverend H Douglas Stewart, who in turn presented it to Brooke and Linda in 1986, in recognition of their special connection to the congregation. At the May 21 worship service Brooke and Linda brought the drawing back to Knox, presenting it with the comment that “this is where it belongs”. A member of the History and Archives Committee received it with great thanks and a promise to cherish it as had its previous custodians.

Linda and Brooke further enhanced the worship service as they read the scripture lessons for the day. The coffee hour after worship was busy as old friends greeted the two and reminisced, with many gathering around the drawing, which none had ever seen.

Yes, we will remember Linda and Brooke’s homecoming, and their special gift, for years to come.