Carol Spendlove
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At first, when Knox intern Molly Brant arrived home in Kingston for some pandemic personal distancing it felt like school was out for the summer, which was odd with snow still on the ground.  That feeling didn’t last.  Molly is in her second year of International Studies and Modern Languages at the University of Ottawa, and Corona Virus or no Corona Virus, the educational show must go on.  She is now settled in and keeping track of her assignments, taking classes online, and thinking ahead to exams.  As is happening everywhere else, everything is being done from a distance.  Even her Arabic exam will be taken at home. Molly is also using her internship at Knox as a way of helping the church connect with its people. Thanks to her work augmenting and updating the church distribution list, more people are getting newsletters and updates and being informed of church activities than ever before.   One interesting aspect of Corona Virus, she says, is that a lot of the technological changes that are being put in place to cope with this time of isolation will remain after it’s all over, keeping people in touch in ways they never were before. Molly has another project in the works for Knox, beginning an online search for photos and other images of the church to be made accessible and posted on Knox sites.  This promises to be an ongoing project and can be extended to digitizing pictures from peoples’ photo albums.  “I’m good at digging things up,” she says modestly, and the internet is her hunting ground.  Something to keep in mind for anyone with photographic gems of Knox Church past and present.