Carol Spendlove
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For Knox intern Tina Afshar, the fact the Corona Virus has her taking her computer engineering classes online rather than in Algonquin College classrooms really doesn’t change anything as far as her courses are concerned.  She’s doing the same thing at home she would if she was in class.  The difference is the solitude. “Sometimes I fall asleep,” she confides with a laugh. “I can’t concentrate outside of class.”    She also misses the social interaction she had before: shopping, going out with friends, and working at Winners. Tina also keeps in touch with her family members, who are keeping safe in self-imposed isolation in faraway Iran the same way she is here.  She feels like she misses them more, she says, now that she’s at home and thinking more about them. Tina’s computer skills are also benefitting the Knox community, as she posts items on the church website, Facebook and Instagram accounts.     Thanks to Tina, people are seeing photos and articles that keep them up to date with what Knox and its people are doing, most recently an item on the changes to Out of the Cold.  “It’s my pleasure to do it,” she says.  Thanks Tina.