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Knox is pleased to announce applications are now open for Student Internships during the 2019-20 academic year.   Interviews are beginnning in April for potential student interns for the 2019-20 academic year.       

We are looking for young adult student interns (to a maxium of 3) with an interest to serve in an urban church setting, explore their spiritual gifts, develop leadership skills, grow via mentorship and earn a fair wage for a 3-4 hour commitment per week.

Potential ministry experience is varied and could include opportunities in any of the following areas depending on the candidates’ gifts and interests:                                                                    

  • children’s ministry
  • social justice
  • social media/technology
  • adult education
  • worship
  • young adult ministry
  • administration support

Successful applicants will be selected by May 15 and informed about details of their internship for a September start-up.

The Knox Student Internships will take place over two semesters, with flexibility built in for time off for Reading and Christmas breaks, as well as family functions.

Accountability measures, including evaluations as well as staff support and mentoring will be key components of a Knox Internship.

Office space and Wi-Fi will be provided as needed.   

For more detailed information, open the Application for Internship document below.   

For further questions about the Internship at Knox program, contact the Minister at Knox, Pastor Jim Pot.  For Jim's contact information, click HERE.

To apply, complete the various components of the application and send to [email protected]