Marianne Rasmus
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We need everyone connected to Knox to help launch us into the post-pandemic future of Knox. Please add your energy and ideas!

Over the past year the Knox Ottawa leadership team of staff, Session and Temporal Board studied our experiences as a congregation and reflected on:

  • what we experienced over the pandemic, 
  • what we have learned, and
  • where we should go from here. 

The discussions focussed on the areas of worship, service to others, fellowship and community, looking always at our goal to be “a Christian community of faith, seeking to grow in knowledge of Jesus Christ and living our lives as he teaches us.” 

Through these discussions the following action items were identified:

  • To help people engage in the ministry and mission of Knox through volunteering; 
  • To establish a process to identify and implement initiatives to improve or extend Knox’s ministry and mission.

If you have not already receive a copy of the document which outlines the discussion and action items, you can email the office at, OR click HERE for a copy. 

Please take the time to read and consider the ideas presented in the document, then add your voice by: 

  • Sending your input and ideas by email to, or
  • by mail to Knox Church Ottawa, 120 Lisgar St., Ottawa, ON, K2P 0C2,
    • (Please put “post-pandemic future of Knox” in the subject title.)
  • Talking with the Clerk of Session Joan Coulter, or Pastor Jim Pot.