Phil Winkelaar
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On May 24 Knox held its first Zoom coffee after the worship service. Sixteen members showed up on our screens and we chatted with people we hadn't seen since March. We shared stories of adventures - stuck on cruise ships, airports closed, and the new friends met in the midst of all that. It showed how people's kindness can help to overcome difficult and unexpected circumstances. Those of us who hadn't been trapped could even feel a bit of envy for the ones who experienced those kindnesses, but were grateful not to have had to go through the difficulties they had. 

We are all glad to have been part of the Zoom coffee time, and look forward to another in a week or two, but it wasn't as good as getting together in person. We do look forward to being able to gather face to face in the future again. Until then, though, we will continue to keep in touch with our friends in whatever way we can.